In an effort to keep you, our other guests & staff safe during the Corona Virus, we must insist that you adhere to the following protocol:

All guests are to wear facemasks when in contact with other guests and/or employees or within 6' of any of those listed.

Upon check in we will electronically take your temperature standing 6' away from you. If you register a fever, we will ask you to wait in your car until we can give you further instructions. Our staff is also required to have their temperatures :shot" each day. 
Only 1 person will be allowed in the lobby at a time.

We will not be servicing rooms as we normally do in order to protect you, our guests & our staff.
Housekeeping will leave a bag outside your door each day which will contain clean, wrapped towels, coffee, toilet paper, trash bags, etc. If you require anything else, please call the office. Please leave your dirty towels & trash outside your door & it will be picked up by Housekeeping.

Stay 6' away from all other people in the pool area  which has 6' tape markers displayed. Please make certain to control your children to adhere to this rule. The pool is limited to 10 people at one time. Please be considerate of others waiting to use the pool & confine your pool stay to 1 hour if other people are waiting. Please sign in at the office before using pool & sign out when finished.

Please use disinfecting wipes or sprays on door handles, pool gate & any other surfaces where other people come in contact with. Spray bottle for your convenience are located at the pool gate & on both sides of the office door.

We highly recommend you carry hand sanitizer with you at all times & use it when coming in contact with unknown surfaces.

On the beach, please take your mask & adhere to the Town's Ordinances of social distancing (6' apart) & no gatherings of more than 10 people from the same group.

If you are feeling ill, have a fever or display any symptoms of COVID-19, please immediately isolate yourself in your room & call DOSHER HOSPITAL 910-457-3800 & notify the front desk. Keep all members staying with you in the room until you receive instructions from the hospital.

We have always cleaned our rooms with industrial strength Clorox & will continue to use this process to thoroughly disinfect all rooms.

With everyone's cooperation in these uncertain times, we can hopefully all stay healthy, happy & enjoy the beach.